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Taken Columbus Day weekend, 2004

The light wasn't ideal for what I wanted this morning and there was lots of mist and fog, HOWEVER, that doesn't mean anything BAD for photography - I just had to change my state of mind and goals for the day. Got some reasonable results too. It's now 11:00 and the light is looking real bright. Too late for me today! Gotta get the bikes ready and pack dinner for our Llama hike tonight.

My day started hiking Tyringham Cobble, which is where THIS image was taken. The trail was empty, only crossed paths with one other hiker. The weather was brisk, and the skies white. When I got home, I was tired, but got the gang ready (with lots of help from Carol). We took off for Great Barrington to have lunch at The Window and La Choza (hot dogs, Cuban sandwiches and burritos). Walked around a little bit, shopped at The Gifted Child and had ice cream at Bev's).

We made our way to Monument Mountain for a quick hike (stopped on the way for some pics at a picnic area on Rte. 7). The hike to Squaw Peak and back took TWO AND A HALF HOURS (some short hike, huh?). Nobody complained except Meagan having kiniption fits about dogs...

Got to the Llama hike late (5:15 instead of 5:00). Finally got going and had a great time.

Everyone was starving. We originally were going to picnic on the grounds of the hike, but wound up deciding to go to Arizona Pizza. They had a 45 minute wait, so we dumped that idea and headed to Sweet Basil Grill. BAD MOVE. The service there was AWFUL, we waited 45 minutes to get our table (which we NEVER GOT) after being told there was a 20 minute wait. We left, the kids had turkey sandwiches and chicken nuggets in the car (our original picnic food), Carol ate some turkey and I had a Power Bar - thank God for Power Bars.

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