Favorite Things

Here is a compilation of my current Favorite things I'd like to share with you.

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About Joe
Name:Joe Kennedy Age:54, Born in Brooklyn, NY 1962 Marital Status:Married, 2 Children, girls, ages 12 & 9 Occupation:Owns an IT Consulting Firm in Long Island, NY, established in 1982, specializing...
Fat Joe
FAT JOE Here are some pretty funny pictures depicting the evolution of me, Joe, from FAT JOE to the Joe you all now know and love. Yup, that's ME in those FAT pictures. I worked pretty hard to get where...
The Mad Scientist
THE MAD SCIENTIST So, after my annual appearance as "The Mad Scientist" on Halloween at St. Chris, and after scaring the pants off most of the kids (to the point of some of them refusing to...
Lunar Eclipse, October 27, 2004
LUNAR ECLIPSE, OCTOBER 27, 2004 Here are the results of my first attempt at photographing a Lunar Eclipse. All of the single exposures were made with my Nikon D70. The multiple exposure (not posted yet)...

Meagan & Dad's Favorite Music Video
U2 - City Of Blinding Lights
How to Make Palm Crosses
Making Palm Crosses has been a tradtion in Carol's family that her Grandmother has tried for years to pass on. Unfortunately, Carol has never been able to catch on from Grandma's teachings. So, I found...

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