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Various and Assorted

Random pictures that I've taken, just for fun.
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Otis, New Marlborough and a Woodpecker
September, 2005
Our Frog, Surprise
Otis House, July 2005
While walking around in the back yard, we found this litte fella and named him 'SURPRISE"! We brought him in the house and took some pictures of him so we'd remember him forever. Lauren is going to draw...
Visiting Grandpa
Last Day of School
Lauren, 5th Grade
Moonrise Over Seattle
Credit & Copyright: Shay Stephens
Explanation: Is the Moon larger when near the horizon? No -- as shown above, the Moon appears to be very nearly the same size no matter its location on the sky. Oddly, the cause or causes for the common...
Joe with Spock Ears
Thank you, Gordon
Lauren Eating Ice Cream
My very first shot with my Alien Bees 640 light and softbox.
So Much in so Little
Cherry Blossoms
That purple something again
A Purple Something
Front Yard, April 2005
Purple Somethings
April, 2005; in my front yard
The Kestrel at Cedar Creek
April, 2005
My friend Mike W.
Snowy Chair
2005-02, Otis Town Garage
Vytra-Tobay Triathlon, 2004
Girl Scout Cookies, OLD
Compliments, Laura N.
Meagan's Communion Invitation Picture
Chicken Fajitas
Jan 02, 2005
Golden Gallery on Google
With the Grand Band
Free Puppy
Holy Crap
patriceandalex leadin page image
Help me! Help meeeee!
I heard a strange buzzing sound a few times while hanging around in the house. I soon discovered the source of those sound: flies begging for mercy. :-) Check it out - I was cleaning up some dead flies...
Mushrooms: Ganoderma tsugae
Fall Foliage: Berkshires, 2004
Hayes Pond Road Joe, Thanks for your e-mail and the pic. Your mushroom looks like Ganoderma lucidum or Ganoderma tsugae to me: See it at:
3 Roses, Valentine's Day 2004
Valentine's Day, 2004
Fish Market
Barriers on Broadway
Can you say "convergence"?
Brooklyn Bridge Lines
2004-02-02 Water Main FREEZE
2004-02-02 Water Main FREEZE
2004-02-02 Water Main FREEZE
St. Chris CRASH
South Street Seaport '04
South Street Seaport '04
Jan '04, Nikon 70-300
Uppa Tree?

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