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Photo Trips

This section is devoted to recording my excursions to various places in the world for the sole purpose of taking photographs. These trips are SURREAL to say the least. They are generally one-weekend long, start Friday afternoon, and end Sunday night. They are non-stop: fly, take pcitures, don't sleep, eat on the run, take more pictures, then fly (home). Holy Cow.

No responsibility except to the CAMERA.

I can't wait for my kids to get old enough to be able to join me on these crazy trips. It will be interesting to see what they come up with photographically :)

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2004 Washington D.C.
WASHINGTON D.C. Carol and the girls went camping with the Girl Scouts this weekend, so Tim and I drove to Washington D.C. to take some pictures. We stopped in Baltimore, the Inner Harbor for dinner at...
2004 New Mexico
2004 NEW MEXICO Below is the first draft of my, Tim and Eric's combined journal for our first photographic venture together. Whew! It's 1:10 in the morning after arriving home, I've burned CD's containing...
2004 Nevada
2004 NEVADA There is SO much to say about this trip. Tim took notes while we were there. I'm not going to try and remember and/or recreate those notes - I'll wait until he has a moment to send them to...

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