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I tried to be nice to the last place finisher

Another writing from my friend Wayne:
Sunday I did a duathlon here in NY. Pretty hot weather for a change. While competing I notice the last place athlete trying real hard. Dude is early 30's, 100 pounds over weight but still trying hard. No fancy gear or base layer wicking shirt under his jersey, just a simple Fruit of the Loom white t-shirt. Comes off the bike to start his final run and falls off his mtn bike in front of everyone, no one laughed, just encouraged him on. Well by now there is no more water at the post race refreshment area, probably due to unuasually warm weather. I alert a volunteer that while they are breaking down the transition area, that some guy is out there with no water to come home to. As I am about to leave here he comes, plops down under a tree, and the volunteer found him a bottle of water. My heart starts bleeding for this guy, so I reach into my bag and pull out 2 PowerBars and walk over to him. I pat him on the back, say nice job and give him the bars, kind of like MEAN JOE GREENE Coke commercial. The dude looks at the bars and instead of saying thank you, says DO YOU HAVE CHOCOLATE!!! My heart stopped bleeding and I say no, and walk away thinking I tried to be nice and what a funny story this will when I tell others.

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