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Powercranks - The first time

Tonight I finally got to try out my new Powercranks. So, what are powercranks? Powercranks are a new invention designed to improve cycling power. They are the strangest cranks I've ever seen - they go 100% against everything my legs tell me they want to do. They are clutched, meaning that the pedals operate independently from one-another, AND, they force you to pull up instead of resting the "up" foot. Basically, they force you to use muscles that you don't ordinarily use very much when cycling. Ultimately, with enough training with these, I expect to gain a more efficient pedal stroke which should translate to more power on the bike which should translate to more speed. Who know? Maybe Little Neck will get EASY :). Back to my first ride with them. Set my bike up on the trainer and started pedalling. Awesome. Within 90 seconds, my legs HURT. At about 5 minutes, I was about to throw in the towel. High gear with lots of resistance and LOW cadence seems to be the way to acclimate to these (contrary to the popular high cadence routines of today). My heart rate was soaring (I don't have exact numbers - I intentionally left off my Polar HRM) and I was sweating pretty hard within 10 mintes. All this spinning at about 65-70 rpm's. At 12 minutes, my legs just got confused and I found that I had stopped pedalling and both feet were DOWN - an impossible position for a cyclist?. Got going again and discovered that I had to watch my feet pretty much 100% of the time to be able to keep pedalling without getting mixed up. By 17 minutes I was praying for the END. I lost about 30 seconds on leg fould-ups which resulted in my stopping pedalling so I targeted 20:30 for the workout (I know, I'm WAY anal). Got to 20 minutes, thanked my mother and groaned through the last 30 seconds. YES, I like Powercranks. :)

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