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Poetry by my friend Ed

It was a lovely day at the new Kalmus Farm.
What a house, what a view, and a whole lotta charm.
But trouble was brewing by the side of the lake.
A mishap, an accident,
A little mistake.
It seems Leslie's ATV got stuck in a ditch.
"Too bad", everyone said.
"Ain't life a bitch."
" I can get it out" Leslie declared.
"This I can do.
All I need is my good old Subaru."
Now he just needed some help from one of the cousins.
There were many to choose from.
Not just some, but dozens.
Without hesitation, with not the slightest hint of dread.
Of all the people to select,
He chose his cousin Ed.
They drove to the sight.
Then got the ATV out without a hitch.
Now the only problem was getting the car back over the ditch.
"No problem" Ed said. "It's not that far."
And then Les uttered those fateful words:
"Do you want to drive the car?"
Now Ed's a good driver, a lot of miles under his belt.
An all-wheel drive car can make it through anything.
He so strongly felt.
Ed put it into low and then hit the gas.
He then felt the whole car come up under his ass.
"Uh-Oh" he said. "This doesn't feel good."
The car's not moving like an SUV should."
"Try reverse," said Leslie, his face now red with glare.
The wheels kept on turning,
But the car wasn't going anywhere.
So now in the mud the Subaru was stuck.
"Oh well" said Les.
"We'll just get a rescue truck."
But with the help of more cousins, they got the car to go.
A push here, a pull there, and a mighty heave-ho.
Ed felt bad, but Les said it was okay.
"Lets go back to the house and enjoy your stay."
"By the way," Les said, "How is the insurance on your life.?"
"Why do you ask?" Ed said.
"Because I'm about to go and tell my wife."

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