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Marathon Thoughts from Wayne

Long Beach, NY. -- Attempting to pacify his friend Joe's concerns about Marathoning, Wayne offers the following advice:
  1. Miles 1-3 don't really count towards how you feel. You want to tell yourself you feel great, but HR versus min/mile are just starting to come together
  2. Mile 4-5 you should start to get an idea of HR versus M/M
  3. By now the war has started, but the battle really has not begun.
  4. Miles 5 to 16-17 are boring and very displiplined, must stick to your pace and NOT RACE. You are on auto pilot as of mile 5. monitor HR, eat, drink, find a running buddy
  5. Mile 7 or so you pass the starting line and wave to family, then it is off to Desolation Road.
  6. Mile 17-18 you pass the monuments, lots of people, and probably get the chills and run a fast split, and back to reality, chill out!
  7. Get your free gel at 18 or the 30K mark.
  8. The physical battle is just about to start
  9. My mentor tought me this on day one of training. YOU MUST FEEL GOOD AT MILE 20!!!! Even if you feel like shit at 19 or so, you have to convince yourself you feel great.
  10. The last 6.2 could feel like 10 or just another 10K run or if you are lucky, it feels like a 5 miler. Now the mental war is in full action.
  11. Mile 20, I feel GREAT. You can look at it as only 10K left, or two 5K runs. ON YOUR WORST DAY YOU COULD RUN 5K!!!! Remember this.
  12. Mile 23 take last gel and think only 5K to go, not miles 23-26.2
  13. Mile 26.2 you pass the finish line and think GOD, LET THIS BE OVER ALREADY
  14. Remember rule #9

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