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I'm a Jersey Girl
Lyrics by Todd Pettengill

Guy: Hey ya Tiffany..
Girl: Hey Rocco
Guy: You wanna go down the shore or what?
Girl: Friggin 'a.
I'm a Jersey girl, in a Jersey world.
I look fantastic, my pants are plastic.
Watch my booty shake, crankin' up Whitesnake,
I love Jean Claude Van Damme and my Trans-Am.
Guy: Get your token in Hoboken
Girl: I get on the train, it's a major pain.
Guys are starin', at my friend Karen.
Our boobies are fake, we love Ricki Lake.
We think she's way cool, at our high school.
I'm a blonde, single girl, but was born a brunette,
all the guys say I look just like Farrah.
Guy: You're a babe, you're a fox, Garden State Goldilocks, even with that ten pounds of mascara.
Girl: Dish the dirt, love to flirt, in my leather mini-skirt.
I'm a Jersey girl, in a Jersey world.
I have dark roots, I wear white boots.
Tattoo on my back, like to dress in black.
I feel peachy, in my Cavaricci's.
Guy: Shake your whiny tiny hiney, ah ah ah
Keep your butt firm, get a home perm
Date your jewelers, drink wine coolers
Non-stop shoppin', beer cans poppin'
Girl: I go shoppin' at Zales, for my fake fingernails, got a ring in my nose and my belly.
Guy: Jersey chick, drives a stick, combs her hair with a pick.
Works at the Bloomfield Avenue Deli.
Girl: You can look, but don't touch, till you put a ring on my finger.
Take a glance, at my pants, you won't get there unless you're Kip Winger.
I'm a Jersey girl, in a Jersey world.
I can't go wrong, in my butt thong.
Make my weekend plans, down at Houlihans.
my boyfriend Guido, wears a Speedo.
Hit the tanning bed, till my skin turns red.
I'm a lobster, wanna date a mobster.
Scrunchie in my hair, playin' truth or dare.
I'm so pretty, I hate New York City.
Guy: Loves hairy chests and leather vests...yes, yes, yes
Take her picture, make her richer
Likes to cake-up, all her make-up
orders take-out, likes to make-out
Girl: (spoken) I am so trashed right now.
Guy: (spoken) Excellent!
Girl: (spoken) Can you really get me in a movie? (jammin DIA)

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