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Chitty Chitty Bang Bang: We Saw It!!!
The best show on Broadway

We finally saw it! What a day too! Patrice had the baby (Nicholas) on Friday (the day of the show). What havoc! We had great seats (4th row, center) and I didn't want to miss it. Carol went to the hospital early Friday to be with Patrice while I hung at home with the kids and Liz. Ran some errands (picked up the breast pump, etc) then went to the hospital. Fed the girls lunch and hung until about 4:30 I think. Got to visit Patrice but only see Nicholas thru the glass, but boy, is he cute. Left the hopital (Good Samaritan in Islip) and headed to Baldwin. Took Liz instead of Carol so Carol could stay with Patrice and we wouldn't waste the ticket. Caught the train with about 2 minutes to spare. Got into NYC and walked to the theatre. Went to the box office, and you'll never believe what happened...we got a 5th ticket in the 3rd row, center!) I called Carol and told her to get into NYC ASAP. She caught a train with about 1 minute to spare. Me and the girls met Carol at Bubba Gumps for dinner (slow for us, quick for Carol). Then, off to the theatre for the best show I've ever seen! Got home around 12:30. I got to bed around 3.

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