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Mater Paneer
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 10 Pounds Red Onion (medium dice)

1 Qt Canola Oil

8 ea Cinnamon Stick

2 oz Black peppercorn crushed

1 oz Red pepper flakes

2 Qts Water

1 oz Coriander seed

12 ea bay Leaf

1 oz Coriander ground

9 cans Diced tomatoes #10 cans

2 pounds Plain Yogurt

4 Pounds Curry Paste

2 oz Garam Masala

8 0z Cilantro chopped

4 zo Kosher Salt



In kettle, heat oil and add cinnamon stick, coriander, curry, onion and saute

Add garam masala, ground coriander, black pepper, bay leaf, and red pepper flakes

Add diced stewed tomatoes and cook for 25-30 minutes

Remove sachet bag with cinnamon stick and blend until smooth

Add yogurt and season with kosher salt

Bag, labe, and cool

Add peas, cilantro, and cheese as you reheat for service

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