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My Dear Family & Friends -

It is with a heavy heart and great sadness at the Kennedy Home that I must share with all of you such distressing and deeply disturbing news.

 No one gave of themselves more freely.  No one could make you feel happier so easily.  No one ever had so many kind things to say to whoever would listen.  Whether the day was sunny or cloudy, hot or cold, early morning or late at night - When you walked into the room they would always respond with the pure joy that only comes from unconditional love.

The house is quiet now.  Each, in our own way, is coping with the tragic loss in our own deeply personal way.  I made coffee the other morning and didn't have to share it.  Meagan ate her muffin tops and didn't have to share her crumbs.  Carol came home the other day and there was no friendly "Hello, how are you" greeting.  Lauren had a piece of Pizza and had no one to share it with.  We all know we'll learn and move on.  We all will come to realize that we are better people for having experienced the joy and enthusiasm.  Eight years is such a long time.  And yet, it's over now.  It's so hard to think that we'll never see that brightness again. 

But we'll gather strength in knowing that we all have grown during those eight years.  Looking back, I now know that we should treasure all the time we have with loved ones.  None of us knows what the big plan is.  Look around you and hug the ones you love, before it's too late.

The Kennedy Family is saddened by the passing of Goldie.  Goldie was born circa May 2004 (Actually Meagan won him at the Freeport Festival). He succumbed to a lingering illness during the weekend of August 18, 2012 while we were in Washington D.C. celebrating our best friend’s daughters’ wedding and visiting The Catholic University of America doing some reconnaissance for Lauren’s move-in day.  Goldie was an extremely large Goldfish at the time of his death, having maintained his weight during his brief but fruitless battle against the grim reaper.  He had been ill for the last several weeks in spite of our tireless efforts to help him overcome whatever illness he eventually succumbed to.  Perhaps it was not an illness that took Goldie from us, but rather nothing more than old age.  Being a carnival fish, everyone was surprised at Goldie’s longevity, and cherished every moment he was with us.  We had a quiet funeral service for Goldie in the back yard and buried him near the soon to be gone swing set that is also struggling to remain with us. 

In lieu of flowers, please leave some fish food on our doorstep for Goldie’s successors.  Goldie spent his entire life with us as the lone occupant of his estate.  He must have wondered what it would have been like to share his kingdom with other fish, but certainly seemed content living the way he did.  I'll bet he knows what it's like now, up there in Goldfish heaven swimming amongst his ancestral goldfish, carp, koi, and other such critters.  Goldie’s home will be reconstructed to house a group of lucky tropical fish (or perhaps saltwater fish) that we hope will provide our household with countless years of joy and pleasure.

Here’s to you Goldie!


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