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Dad met John Tesh and Connie Sellecca
Hawaii (2013 - Meagan's Sweet 16 Trip)

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Well, the way my meeting them went was this:


The family was strolling around the resort grounds, near the pool, when we came upon John Tesh (he was alone).  I knew it was him, but didn’t want to directly approach/annoy him.  So, as we passed each other on the walkway, I mumbled something like, “wow, all the way here in Hawaii from Garden City!”.  He stopped dead in his tracks, looked at me, and said, something like, “yeah!  You too?”.  That broke the ice, and we had a 5-minute conversation about “stuff”.  He ended the conversation by telling us that he just finished a conference call while floating in the Lazy River.


I assumed Connie was either at the resort, or would be the next day, based on our conversation re: the arrival of his 2 year old grandchild.  I hoped beyond hope I would run into HER.


About ½ hour later, the girls and I were hanging out near the pool, and Lauren (my oldest daughter) said, “Dad, they’re right over there!”.  I wasn’t’ sure what she meant, but had a good idea.  Looking in the direction she pointed, I saw John AND Connie walking directly towards the area we were in.  I calmly set up my camera-phone and “met” them on the walkway.  John remembered me, smiled, and started to say something, but I interrupted and politely asked if I may have a picture with them.  John was all about it, began smiling, said, “sure, of course!”, but Connie was reluctant.  She suggested that I pose with John for a picture.  Of course, I obliged in spite of being disappointed.  At the moment, as thought a higher power was overseeing the situation, a Disney cast member approached us, saw Lauren taking a picture of me and John, and asked if we would like her to take a picture of all of us together.  Lauren stepped back, thanking her, but turning down the offer.  John jumped right in and said, “sure!”, Connie showed some reluctance, but, again, something was working in my favor and JOHN convinced Connie to join in the shot.  I thanked him and mentioned that my family and I listed to his radio show when we are in the Berkshires.  He thanked me and told me he appreciated that.  I then turned to Connie and told her (while being almost completely tongue-tied – you can probably imagine what it’s like to interact with someone you fantasized about for quite a few years) that she was a major part of my life during the 80’s and I appreciated the opportunity to meet her and have my picture taken with her to keep as a keepsake.  She posed with John and me and even smiled.  Once the picture was done, she took my camera-phone and examined the picture stating that she was reserving her right to delete the picture if she wasn’t happy with it.  What could I do but oblige her?  Of course, I had nothing to lose – my phone is set up to immediately upload pictures as they are taken to the “cloud”, so even if she deleted the picture, I’d still have it!!!!  She approved of the picture, smiled pleasantly, took John’s arm, and waved good-bye to me while they continued on their way.


We stumbled upon them again the next day while she was paddle boarding and John was swimming.  I took some clandestine pictures but didn’t approach them – I thought it best to respect their privacy.


Connie was dressed in oversized sweat pants and sweat shirt during our encounter, so I couldn’t tell how well or poorly the years have treated her (she’s 58 years old now).  I got a somewhat better look at her, albeit from a distance, while she was paddle boarding and walking on the beach, but she was wearing full-length spandex pants and a long-sleeve spandex top.  She’s still in great shape – it was obvious even under all that fabric.

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