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Turkey Day Stuffing

This recipe,  I've kept in my mind only. ..never written it down,  and with my recent problems,  I think I still have it,  so I'll share it with you.   It's really so very simple,  that is the beauty of it. I use packaged bread crumb,  Arnold farm I think.  The are lightly seasoned. Then I add a healthy amount of celery (chopped only as small or large as you want it,  considering it'll still have some crunch to it and shouldn't overtake the entire mouth,  then I add a large yellow onion.  This I usually chop pretty fine since not too many people enjoy biting into onion!  I add salt and pepper.  Then I add chicken stock. ..but not too much.  The mixture should NOT be soggy since it'll pick up a lot of juice from the turkey.  Sort of just enough to make it all kind of stick together.then I let this sit overnight before stuffing it all into the bird in the morning!

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