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Our semi-annual CHILLER THEATRE trip

One again, my friend Ed and I visited the CHILLER THEATRE convention on Halloween weekend in Secacus, NJ. Once again, we had a great time. Crowded more than usual, it was hard getting around, but the celebs were plentiful. The highlight for me? Seeing George romero, the father of horror movies. Barbara Eden was the biggest draw, with George a close second. My favorite celebrity to se was KARI WUHRER. Her eyes shone brightly as did her smile. Along with the best and bubliest personality, I think she made the show worth the visit. The three "Evil Dead" girls (SARAH YORK, ELLEN SANDWEISS and BETSY BAKER) were fun to see and talk to. Elvira was busy with a line of guests. Linda Blair was too busy talking on her cell phone to deal with guests, too bad. Kevin Sorbo looked great - in person he's appears exactly as he does on TV. We missed Bobby Pickett and gates McFadden (Sat only). The Dynamic Duo and Catwoman (Adam West, Burt Ward and Lee Merriweather) brought back some memories and a simle to my face. Lisa Loring is all grown up (and a bit chubby), but has a very cute smile. I passed right by William O'Connell (the Andorian) DAMN IT! Funny, KATHRYN LEIGH SCOTT roped Ed into buying her audio book - he'll never get over that one... Seka looked pretty old and used. Tonya Harding should just STAY HOME!!!

Now, the REAL highlight of the evening?

Listening to the "CREAM @ Royal Albert Hall" concert in the car on the way to Chiller and on the way back from Chiller. :-)

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What's up with her eyes?
The King of Horror Films

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