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A passage from "COALESCENT" by Stephen Baxter

This couldn't be more to my point of view...

"As an alternative to pots in their room, there was a public latrine a block away. The latrine turned out to be a long, dark building with two walls lined with scores of people squatting over holes that fed directly into the sewer system. The stink was astonishing. Though she had scarcely been used to privacy - there was no separate latrine in a roundhouse - Regina found it difficult to let her bowels move in front of so many strangers, all talking and laughing, walking and shouting, and the children, who ran around half naked at the feet of the adults, were even more off-putting. But it was an oddly jolly place, she thought, full of gossip and laughter: obviously a center of the community, a palace of shit and piss".

I almost couldn't type this I'm laughing so hard.

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