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Yet another reason why I sometimes HATE this business

Chat Transcript - 10/16/2006 05:09 PM
Scott: Thank you for contacting Iomega's Online Support Services. May I please have the serial number of your Iomega product?
Joe: knag090a49
Scott: Thank you, how may I help you today?
Joe: I'm having great difficuly understanding how to implement the bundled FolderShare that came with the HDD on my network. I have 2 XP workstations, 2 iMAC and the Iomega StoreCenter. I don't understand the logic to this. Can you elaborate?
Scott: Sure let me see if I can pull up a document I can send you.
Joe: OK. I hope this can do what I wnat it to do which is basically duplicate the data on each of my systems (in the background) to the StorCenter. I'm not really caring about being able to access the data from one machine on another, but more of an on-line backup tool.
Scott: Foldershare was bought out from us by another company, the only information I have on it is at the attached link.
Joe: yeah, that link is useless since it appears to imply that my data has to be uploaded to their web site.
Scott: I don't know it looks like Microsoft bought out the rights to this product. If you're wanting to run a synchronized backup to the external HDD, I would suggest purchasing new backup software for it, or contacting Microsoft. There is a backup utility you can run nightly within windows which can backup each device, but not one that synchronizes like foldershare did.
Joe: so, it appears that i purchased this drive for nothing since the purchase was predicated on running foldershare as advertised suing the storecenter as the "server".
Joe: foldershare seems to be Microsofts competition to .Mac. THis doesn't seem fair since I bought this with the understanding that was indicated by Iomega's marketing material
Scott: I apologize but because Microsoft bought the rights to foldershare, we can not give tech support for that product anymore.
Joe: Typical. Sometimes I really HATE Iomega.
Scott: You still can contact Microsoft and they will help you with foldershare.
Joe: disconnected
Scott: disconnected

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