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28th Annual Great Josh Billings RunAground Triathlon (2004)


Team CARBOLOADERS, Racing Kayak Category, 2nd Place. Tim Liponis, Pam Browning, Joe Kennedy (Runner, Kayak, Bike; 37, 55(?), 1:16

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Another View from Tanglewood
Meagan ballooning
A butterfly on Cody
The band again
Lauren and Meagan with Cody and ???
Lauren wrestling with her new friends
Lauren and Meagan with another new friend
Joe and Carol
MMMmmmmm, after race treats
The Band, "Of Sound Mind" (I think)
A dad, Post Race with his kid
Carboloaders at the Bash
Lauren and Meagan with their new friend
Is that Deb, the Matchmaker?
Lauren and Cody
Joe, Lauren and Meagan on the way home
Leaving Tanglewood
A View from Tanglewood
Our team with our Mugs!
Patti announcing awards
The Bash
The Bash
Konked out
Konked out
Dancing at the Bash
Tim staying warm at the awards ceremony
Is that Cody again? Eating French Fries
There's that 14 year old again
Meagan makes a friend too
The Third Pack headed towards Prospect Hill
The Third Pack headed towards Prospect Hill
The Second Pack headed towards Prospect Hill
The Lead Pack headed towards Prospect Hill
Taconic Avenue
Hanging out waiting for awards
Pre-race Warmup
Readying in the Price Chopper K-Mart Parking Lot
Tooling around the parking lot
Pre Race Warmup
Team Photo at the Arcadian Shop
Tim waiting for Pam
Tim warming up waiting for Pam
Lauren makes a new friend
a 14-year old spectator
The Bash!
Tim and Joe
Post Run
Tim's Finish
Carol and the kids headed into Tanglewood
Carol and the kids
Tim takes off
Tim Away!
Getting ready to toss the wristband
Here comes Pam
Packet Pickup at the Arcadian Shop

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