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PEEP Science

Those resilient little birds...

As we plunge into the 21st century, it is time we take a closer look at the technological wonders we create.  Here, we try to discover just a little bit more about the world around us through the miracles of science, technology, and preservatives.

We hope you enjoy this educational tour as we work to characterize everybody's favorite Easter candy, the Marshmallow Peep.

Basic Science: Our first studies focused on basic attributes and reactions of Peeps to simple conditions and stimuli.

Our subjects: Before any testing begins, all peep subjects are thoroughly examined and sign a disclosure form explaining the potential risks of their volunteer service.

Peep Health: Perhaps one of the most under-represented areas of study worldwide, issues of Peep well-being are only now making their way into the mainstream consciousness.

  • Risk Analysis: Investigating the effects of smoking and alcohol on Peep health.
  • Medical Miracle! Quintuplet Peep siblings, conjoined at birth, have been separated through this daring application of modern medicine!
  • Fear Response: Discover what causes this dramatic Peep behavior.

As seen on CNN! Take a look at the segment which CNN ran about our research on Friday, April 10, 1998. Look soon, because I don't know how long this clip will be around.

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