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Here is a random collection of photographs that I've taken. I haven't assigned them to a "year" because they were all taken prior to the existance of this web site.

Most were taken on film, then converted to digital format; some were taken on a first-generation digital camera - hence the poor quality; please forgive me for that.

These images are here because I want them to be "permanent" and readily available for me, my family and friends to see.

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Rte 8 Waterfalls and The Colebrook Dam
Grab shots from Rte. 8
Ice Glen and Ed's property in New Marlborough
Ice Glen and Ed's property in New Marlborough
Another day at the Oceanside Nature Preserve
Oceanside Marine Nature Study Area (Oceanside) Probably the best place to walk in comfort through a tidal marsh on the South Shore of Nassau County is at Oceanside Marine Nature Study Area. This 52-acre...
Oceanside Nature Preserve
A trip to the Oceanside Nature Preserve. This was my first effort at photogrpahing wildlife, birds, specifically. Not great results. Need lots of practice. Saw Herons, Egrets and best of all, Osprey's....
Tree Farm, Cold Spring Road
An early morning drive on Cold Spring Road after a night of heavy rainfall brought me ot TREE FARM in Sandisfield. 900+ acres of abandoned farm. The farm was active until 1989. Raised cows, trees and peddled...
Afternoon Mist in Otis
When the rain let up a bit, out I went to catch some misty scenes. Man, was I happy. Not to mention ecstatic about finding some rushing water - thank you spring thaw. On Rte. 53, just South of Route 23...
Morning Mist in Tyringham
A rainy, misty morning in Tyringham. Most of the images from today's adventure are NG - water drops on the lense...
A walk on Jones Beach
After meeting with LIMAC, I decided to talk a walk on Jones Beach during lunch time.
Images of Otis, MA; 2005-02
Images captured during a lazy late morning and early afternoon in Otis and East Otis, MA.
Hiking between Upper and Lower Spectacle Pond, 2005-02
Hiking between Upper and Lower Spectacle Pond, 2005-02
NYC and Freeport, 2005
Some grab shots while in NY visiting a client and then in Freeport on the way home.
January '05 Snow Storm
Images from the first big snow storm of the year.
Martin Luther King Day Weekend: Sunday
MARTIN LUTHER KING DAY WEEKEND: SUNDAY Hung around the hosue al morning - too cold to go skiing. Carol and the girls went to Pittsfield to get some Tamagotchis and I went to Upper Spatial Pond for some...
Tsunami in Sri Lanka
Images I've collected from the web re: the tsunami in Sri Lanka
A collection of 360 degree Panorama's
Norman J. Levy Park at Sunrise, 2005-01
Images taken at Sunrise from the top of Norman J. Levy Park
NORAD Santa Tracking
Santa Tracking by NORAD:
VO2 Max Test with Bob Otto
VO2 Max test at the Human Engineering Lab at Adelphi University with Bob Otto.
Body Positive Staff Meeting
Herein you'll find images of the November, 2004 full staff meeting held at Body Positive. Atendees: Eric, Wils, Geneva, Sakisha, Gloria, Tim, Carlos, Ray, Joe and I'm not sure who else.
South Street Seaport Apples
SOUTH STREET SEAPORT APPLES Cows, now Apples. Sheep in Pittsfield and Horses in Nassau County. What next?
Solo trip to Otis Day 2
SOLO TRIP TO OTIS - DAY 2 Much better day today is. Woke up on time (or at least close), flipped the kayaks, brought the garbage to the dump, drove around Otis and Sandisfield to get some prety good pics....
Solo trip to Otis Day 1
SOLO TRIP TO OTIS DAY 1 Today, I had to laugh to avoid screaming. The plan for today was to wake up early, get a bike ride in, shower, take the grabage to the dump, drive to Hudson to get the Jeep inspected...
28th Annual Great Josh Billings RunAground Triathlon (2004)
28th ANNUAL GREAT JOSH BILLINGS RUNAGROUND TRIATHLON (2004) Team CARBOLOADERS, Racing Kayak Category, 2nd Place. Tim Liponis, Pam Browning, Joe Kennedy (Runner, Kayak, Bike; 37, 55(?), 1:16
Hurricane Charley
HURRICANE CHARLEY Our trip to Florida started out a bit troubled as a result of Hurricane Charley. However, our troubles are absolutely nothing compared to those of people living in the path of this most...
Fireworks: Otis Reservoir
The finished Product
Pittsfield Parade
4th OF JULY WEEK: DAY 4 The Pittsfield Parade made for an EARLY start after a LATE night of fireworks. I went to sleep at 3:00 A.M. only to wake at 6:00 to get ready for the Pittsfield Parade. Woke everyone...
Bash Bish Falls
BASH BISH FALLS: CLIFF JUMPING Contrary to park rules, some folks not only swim in the base of the Falls, but jump from the top! See for yourself!
Fireworks: North Adams
4th OF JULY: FIREWORKS This is all about Fireworks at Noel Field in North Adams
Golf Club Pics
Golf Club Photos
Maple Avenue Dance Recital
MAPLE AVENUE DANCE RECITAL Maple Avenue Dance Proudly Presents Hall of Fame
The Verrazano Bridge
THE VERRAZANO BRIDGE Pictures of the Verrazano bridge as seen from the first parking area on the Eastbound Belt Parkway. It was REAL windy, even shooting with a tripod didn't eliminate camera shake. ...
Mission of the Immaculate Virgin
MISSION OF THE IMMACULATE VIRIGN Some images form my first visit to Mission of the Immaculate Virgin in Staten Island. Today was my initial visit intended to introduce myself and MEI to these folks. The...
The Jewelry Photo Shoot
THE JEWELRY PHOTO SHOOT It's finally coming together. Tommy, Michelle and I worked feverishly Tuesday afternoon/evening to get just the right shot for the Golden Gallery Web Site Home Page. After lots...
My New Kestrel Talon SL
MY NEW KESTREL TALON SL Well, I did it. I got a new bike this year. I didn't intend to, but circumstances just sort of came together. At first, I decided to get a pair of Powercranks. They are great for...
MACRO Here are my feeble attempts at being creative with my macro lens.
Various and Assorted
VARIOUS AND ASSORTED Random pictures that I've taken, just for fun.
Sunsets / Sunrises
SUNSETS / SUNRISES Here is my collection of Sunrise and Sunset photographs. These are way at the top of my list for favorite pictures to take.

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